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HeritageScape is a boutique heritage consultancy specialised in heritage planning across the Sydney metro area. We assist homeowners and architects in interfacing with local Councils and provide heritage advice and supporting documentation for Development Applications.

Services we offer include:

- Heritage Impact Statements

- Heritage Design Advice

- Due Diligence Reports

- Heritage Assessments

- Conservation Management Plans

- Photographic Archival Recording

- Heritage Interpretation Strategies

- Heritage Referrals

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Heritage Impact Statement

Are you getting ready to lodge a Development Application? You may require a Heritage Impact Statement supporting your design and assessing the impact of the proposal on heritage significance.

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Heritage Opportunities and Constraints Report

Are you intending to buy a heritage item or in a heritage conservation area? You may need a Heritage Due Diligence Report to inform you on heritage constraints and to fully evaluate your development potential.

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Heritage Design Advice

Tailored design advice to maximise your development potential.

If you are the owner of a heritage item or a property in a conservation, we can offer tailored heritage advice to will assist you with your development, from pre-DA to post-consent conditions of consent.


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